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Legislative Districts and Precincts

Legislative District 4 includes the following election districts and precincts:

09-002 Winfield Elementary School Cafeteria 13-001 Parr's Ridge Elementary School Gym

Legislative District 5 includes the following election districts and precincts:

01-001 Northwest Middle School Cafeteria 07-004 Westminster West Middle School Cafeteria
02-001 Francis Scott Key High School Band Room 07-005 Carroll Lutheran Village Krug Chapel
02-002 Runnymede Elementary School Cafeteria 07-006 Carroll County Career & Tech Center Cafeteria
03-001 Pleasant Valley Community Fire Company 07-007 Westminster Elementary School
04-001 Sandymount Elementary School 07-008 Robert Moton Elementary School Gym
04-002 Mechanicsville Elementary Cafeteria 08-001 Hampstead Elementary School
04-003 Mechanicsville Elementary School Gym 08-002 Shiloh Middle School Gymnasium
05-002 Liberty High School Gym 08-003 Spring Garden Elementary School Gym
05-003 Oklahoma Road Middle School Cafeteria 09-001 Winfield Fire Department Social Hall
06-001 Manchester Valley High School Cafeteria 10-001 Elmer Wolfe Elementary School Gym 1
06-002 North Carroll Middle School Gym 11-001 Old New Windsor School Community Room
07-001 Cranberry Station Elementary School Cafeteria 12-001 Elmer Wolfe Elementary School Gym 2
07-002 William Winchester Elementary Gym 14-001 Linton Springs Elementary School Cafeteria
07-003 Friendship Valley Elementary School Gym 14-003 South Carroll High Fine Arts Lobby

Legislative Sub-District 9A includes the following election districts and precincts:

05-001 Sykesville Middle School Gym 05-006 Fairhaven Johnzie's Lounge
05-004 Carrolltowne Elementary School Cafeteria 14-002 South Carroll High School Main Gym
05-005 Piney Ridge Elementary School Cafeteria