Revised Preliminary
Flood Insurance Rate Maps

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently released revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for all of Carroll County including the incorporated communities. These new maps are preliminary, but are far more accurate than the currently effective maps, largely due to improved topographic (contour) data.
The limits of all floodplains currently included on the FIRMs will be changed by the revised FIRMs.
The status of many properties and structures will be affected by the new FIRMs. Changes include the following:
  1. Properties or structures that were not within the floodplain on the effective FIRMs that will now be within the floodplain on the revised FIRMs
  2. Properties or structures that were within the floodplain on the effective FIRMs that will now be outside of the floodplain on the revised FIRMs
Open House
Representatives from FEMA, in conjunction with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), will be hosting a Flood Risk Information Open House at a date and time to be determined. The Open House will provide residents with an opportunity to review the recently completed preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and its accompanying preliminary FIRMs. This meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the proposed maps and about the flood insurance program.
Flood Insurance
Federal flood insurance is available in Carroll County because of community participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Several municipalities participate in the NFIP as well; check with your local officials to determine your eligibility. Participation in the Community Rating System allows eligible policyholders in the unincorporated areas of Carroll County a 10% discount in their premiums.
Additional Information
If you have any questions about these revisions or flood insurance, please contact Pat Varga, Floodplain Management Specialist, at 410-386-2844.