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Regional, State and National Organizations

Carroll County is not a member of any lobbying organizations nor does the county employ any lobbyists. The county does not give grants although it does provide county funds to private non-profits which in turn provide services to Carroll residents. A list of these organizations and information regarding funding can be found here.

The county does belong to the following regional, state or national organizations:

Maryland Association of Counties and the Rural Coalition
(Fees - $20,650 and $5,000 respectively)

National Association of Counties
(Fee - $2,999)

Baltimore Metropolitan Council
(Fee- $60,130 which includes cooperative purchasing, reservoir agreements and BRTB)

Baltimore Regional Transportation Board
(Fee- Included in BMC above)

Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore

Greater Baltimore Committee
(Fee - $1,795)

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
(Fee – $1,699)

Carroll County Technology Council
(Fee- $350)

National Council on Aging
(Fee - $145)