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Agricultural Land Preservation Program

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Preservation Easement Mapping

To obtain Ag Preservation Property Information, click on the link below:


A map of the County will appear with properties indicated in several colors depending on the preservation program they are in and there will be a column of buttons on the left.

The "Legend" button will provide a legend on the right that identifies the colors.

The "Zoom In" button when on provides a "+" cursor that allows the left click on the mouse to be used to draw a red box on an area of the map that will be enlarged when the click is released (when zoomed in to a large enough scale, the map will show parcel lines, roads, and other features).

When in an enlarged area the "Information" button provides a pointer to click on an individual property and obtain an information block at the bottom of the screen. The "Link to File" will provide a copy of the Deed of Easement for that property (Deeds of Easement are being entered in sequence, and are not yet available for all properties).

The "Address" button provides spaces below the map to type in a street address and zip code. A left click on the "Locate" button above the address will highlight that property on the map only if that address is a preserved property. To obtain additional information it is best to zoom in on the highlighted area before using the "Information" button as described above.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding these instructions or the use of the web page, please e-mail the County Ag Preservation Office at or telephone 410-386-2214.