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Management Analysis

The Office of Management Analysis provides the County Commissioners of Carroll County with a means of evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency, and management controls of the various entities (departments, bureaus, agencies) and programs of Carroll County Government as well as other quasi-government, non-profit, and private agencies to which County funds are budgeted or revenues acquired there from. This is accomplished through audit reports, studies, and evaluations.

The goals of the Office are to:
  1. Assure that County resources, tax revenues, and personnel are used effectively and efficiently for government activities and to assure that all County assets are properly safeguarded;
  2. Recommend time and cost saving methods of operation;
  3. Assist departmental management to achieve operational efficiencies that result in improved operations and better service to Carroll County citizens;
  4. Determine that established objectives and goals are being accomplished; and
  5. Ascertain compliance that all government agencies operate in accord with prescribed policies, procedures, laws, and regulations.

Audits and evaluations include the development of performance standards pertaining to departmental staffing, productivity measures, inputs, outputs, and service quality.

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