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Audio/Video Production

Channel 24 Logo Audio Video Production Office is another avenue to open the lines of communication between Carroll County Government and the citizens of Carroll County. Comcast Cable Channel 24 is the government access channel for Carroll County. The cable channel features community meetings, county job postings, and detailed up to date information regarding local government. The Audio/ Video Production Office provides audio and video for all public Board of County Commissioner meetings in addition to producing content for the on-line web-stream on the county's website.

Dubbing Policies for Carroll County Government
All programs and meetings televised on Channel 24 are available for copy in DVD Format. Carroll County Government is responsible for presenting all public meetings unedited. Under the Public Information Act Channel 24 will make all public meeting copies available for a small fee which will reflect the cost of the material used. Channel 24 will produce the copy in a timely manner but no later than 30 days after the Carroll County citizens' request. Press will receive copies as soon as available. No duplicate will be produced until a formal request has been made and Audio/ Video Production Office staff has received the necessary form. All original material will be archived for exactly a year and available to citizens' of Carroll County. Click for Dub Request Form

CCG 24 Bulletin Board
If you do not have cable in Carroll County, but would like to see the information currently broadcasting on the Channel 24 bulletin board please click here

Programming Schedule
To find the schedule of CCG 24 programs please click here. All TV Listings are scheduled to change without notice.