[HISTORY: The Environmental Affairs Advisory Board was created by the Board of County Commissioners of Carroll County 02/04/93 by Res. No. 269-93.  This chapter was repealed and replaced in its entirety 07/09/04 by Ord. No. 04-20]

16-1. Establishment; purpose.   16-4. Duties.
16-2. Membership; vacancies.   16-5. Authority.
16-3. Election of officers; compensation.  
16-1. Establishment; purpose.

A Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council is hereby established.  The purpose of the Environmental Advisory Council is:

 A. To participate in the development of broad policy plans designed to guide the County's environmental future.

 B. To review specific issues of environmental concern and assist the Board of County Commissioners to protect Carroll County's environmental heritage, conserve Carroll County's natural resources, and restore environmentally degraded areas within Carroll County.

 C. To advise the Board of County Commissioners and the citizens of Carroll County of actions that could be taken to improve the quality of the environment in Carroll County, as well as of any that may threaten it.

 D. To assist with environmental educational efforts.

 E. To serve as the County Tree Commission.

16-2. Membership; vacancies.

 A. Membership.

(1) Nine persons shall be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to serve as the membership of the Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council.  The membership should represent a cross section of the citizens of Carroll County and should be selected by the County Commissioners to generally represent the agricultural, business, development, environmental communities and citizens-at-large.

(2) Members of the County Environmental Advisory Council will be residents of Carroll County and will be appointed to serve terms of 4 years.  Appointments shall be staggered such that individual terms are overlapping.

16-3. Election of officers; compensation.

[Amended on 11/06/08 by Ord. No. 08-09]

The members of the Environmental Advisory Council shall select a Chair from amongst its membership.  The Environmental Advisory Council may elect other officers from its membership as it deems necessary.  The Environmental Advisory Council shall hold public meetings in such number and at such intervals and at such places as it deems appropriate.  Members of the Council shall serve without compensation.

16-4. Duties.

 A. The Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council may provide the Board of County Commissioners with specific recommendations for action by the County that are intended to result in improvements to the County's environmental policies.

 B. The Environmental Advisory Council may also make recommendations concerning any environmental issues or concerns referred by the Board of County Commissioners or the general public.

 C. It will also be the responsibility of the Environmental Advisory Council to report to the County Commissioners yearly, concerning the state of the County's environment as it relates to resource management and the quality of life in Carroll County.

 D. The Environmental Advisory Council shall serve as the County's Tree Commission providing advice and guidance to the County on tree maintenance policies and specific administrative plans involving tree placement, maintenance and removal.

16-5. Authority.

The function of the Environmental Advisory Council shall be governed by this chapter and the bylaws adopted by the Council and subsequently approved by the Board of County Commissioners.