ARTICLE X, Outside Employment

48-41. Conflicts with county employment prohibited.

An employee may not engage in outside employment that could create a conflict with the employee's County employment.

48-42. Notification of outside employment; determination of conflict.

An employee who engages in outside employment must notify the supervisor and Director in writing. The supervisor and Director shall review the outside employment request to determine if a potential conflict exists and if the mission of the agency could be adversely affected by the employment. If their determination is affirmative, the employee shall not engage in the outside employment. If the supervisor and Director determine that the outside employment would neither create a conflict nor adversely affect the mission of the agency, the supervisor and Director shall send a copy of the determination and request for outside employment to DHR for review and referral to the Carroll County Ethics Commission. If the Ethics Commission determines that a potential conflict of interest exists, the employee shall not engage in the outside employment. The Ethics Commission shall notify the employee, supervisor, Director and Director of DHR of its decision in each case.