3-303. County Attorney.

1984, ch. 474. 1999 Supp., sec. 3-15A.

(a) The County Commissioners are authorized to appoint a County Attorney, who shall receive the compensation and have the powers and duties as shall be determined and prescribed by the Commissioners. The County Attorney shall be appointed to a term of 4 years which shall begin on July 1 of the year following the general election at which the Board of County Commissioners was elected, and shall be eligible for reappointment at the conclusion of the County Attorney's term of office. The person so appointed shall be a registered voter and taxpayer in Carroll County. After the County Attorney's appointment, the County Attorney shall take the oath prescribed in Section 9 of Article I of the Constitution of Maryland. The Commissioners may terminate the County Attorney's services at any time upon not less than 2 months' written notice, except that, in the case of termination for cause, the termination shall take effect immediately.

(b) The County Attorney shall have been a member of the Maryland Bar for at least 3 years.

(c) The County Attorney shall have the powers and duties as prescribed by the County Commissioners including:

(1) advise the agencies of the County and the County Commissioners, when requested, upon all legal questions arising in the conduct of county business;

(2) prepare or revise ordinances and resolutions when requested;

(3) give an opinion upon any legal matter or question submitted to the County Attorney by the Commissioners, or upon the interpretation of any county ordinance or resolution when requested by any agency or officer of the County;

(4) attend all meetings of the County Commissioners when requested;

(5) prepare or approve for execution all contracts or instruments to which the County is a party and shall approve all bonds required to be submitted to the County;

(6) prosecute and defend any and all writs or actions at law or in equity to which the County is a party, or may be interested;

(7) have charge of all legal services rendered by others on behalf of the County; and

(8) appoint such assistants and deputies as are approved by the County Commissioners, who, when approved, may act for the County Attorney with the powers as the County Attorney may delegate to them.