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GIS Division

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, as it is commonly referred to, is a computer-based system that allows for capturing, storing, managing, analyzing, and displaying data by location.

The GIS Division provides technical support to the Department of Land Use, Planning, and Development and the Bureau of Comprehensive Bureau, which includes research and mapping for the County Master Plan, the community Comprehensive Plans, the Buildable Land Inventory, zoning maps, the Agricultural Land Preservation Program, the Water and Sewer Master Plan, and other plans produced by the Department.

The Department, working in conjunction with the Office of Information and Technology Services (ITS), is continuing an effort started in 1989 to use and implement the County's Geographic Information System (GIS). We offer a website that provides the user with the capability to perform both parcel and zoning inquiries, view March 2006 true color orthophotography, and view and print many County maps.

Digital Data produced by the GIS Division, as well as other County agencies, can be downloaded for free here:

The County also has numerous maps available for download here: As well as multiple interactive maps.

Additionally, the County has digital 1995 and 2000 color orthophotography as well as digitally scanned black and white photography for the years 1989, 1980, 1970, 1963, 1958, and 1943. Please contact the GIS Division if interested in viewing any of these photos; only photocopies and small prints can be made of the black and white photography.