Bureau of Comprehensive Planning - Transportation Planning

Carroll County is a standing member of the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) known as the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB). The BRTB is the federally designated forum for cooperative transportation decision making in the metropolitan area. Federal transportation funds are passed through the MPO for State and local transportation projects. The members of the BRTB include the Mayors of Annapolis and Baltimore City; the executives of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, and Howard Counties; a representative from the Carroll County Board of Commissioners; and the secretaries of the Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland Department of Planning (non-voting), Maryland Department of the Environment (non-voting), and Maryland Transit Administration (non-voting). The BRTB meets monthly. The Honorable Haven N. Shoemaker Jr. represents Carroll County on the BRTB. His empowered representative, who attends meetings in his absence, is Lynda Eisenberg, Bureau Chief, Bureau of Comprehensive Planning.

Carroll County Planning staff members participate in the regional planning process by representing the County on many of the BRTB-sponsored committees/subcommittees. Chris Heyn represents Carroll County on the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee is responsible for performing work efforts outlined in the annual Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and for reviewing/coordinating UPWP efforts by the Baltimore Metropolitan Council staff. Scott Graf represents the County on the Cooperative Forecasting Group, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Group. The Cooperative Forecasting Group develops annual projections of population, households, and employment for the region, each member jurisdiction, and for small area transportation analysis zones for use in transportation modeling. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Group oversees the development and implementation of the regional bicycle and pedestrian plan and promotes biking and walking in the region through events like Bike-to-Work Day and Safe Routes to Schools.

Philip R. Hager, Carroll County Land Use, Planning & Development Director, is a member of the Planning Directors Committee which addresses the connection between land use and transportation needs.

The Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) provides technical and staff support to the BRTB. More information regarding the Technical Committee, Cooperative Forecasting Group, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Group, and Planning Directors Committee can be found on the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) webpage.