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Bureau of Comprehensive Planning - Demographic Data

Demographic Data Collection

The Bureau of Planning tracks demographic and socioeconomic data as a means of projecting the needs of the County in the future and incorporating these projections into long-range plans. Data generally is collected at the municipal, election district, and County level.

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Population and Household Estimates

The most frequently requested data relate to population or household estimates for various parts of the County. Each month, population estimates and household estimates are produced by the Planning Bureau for each election district. These estimates are based on the number of Use & Occupancy Certificates issued for new residential units.

Carroll County Profile

From 1989 to 2004, the Carroll County Department of Planning produced an annual Demographic and Development Data Manual. Beginning in 2005, the Carroll County Profile replaced the old manual and offers a more detailed look at the demographics of Carroll County. The development data that was included in the discontinued Demographic and Development Data Manual can now be found in the Concurrency Management Report, which is produced annually by the Carroll County Bureau of Development Review. The Carroll County Profile contains statistical information relating to population, employment, and households. The Profile is available for purchase from the Department of Land Use, Planning, and Development.

Census 2010

General statistical information for Carroll County can be found on our 2010 Census page. For more detailed data, visit the US Census website at:

Other Data Sources

More extensive statistical data for the County, based on Census information relating to household income, employment, and education among other things, can be obtained through the Maryland Department of Planning and the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The American Community Survey replaces the Census long form, which was discontinued after the 2000 Census.

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