Bureau of Comprehensive Planning

The Board of Carroll County Commissioners approved the 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan on August 14, 2001. Only the text of the document is available for viewing on the Internet. If you wish to view the maps associated with the document, copies are available at the Carroll County Department of Planning, 225 North Center Street, Westminster, Maryland.

2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to a Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Freedom Community

Chapter 3 - Demographics and Population Projections

Chapter 4 - Plan Vision, Goals, and Format

Chapter 5 - Goal 1: To Provide a Plan that Promotes Growth Management and Community Development

Chapter 6 - Goal 2: To Provide a Safe and Functional Transportation System

Chapter 7 - Goal 3: To Provide Adequate Public Facilities and Services

Chapter 8 - Goal 4: To Protect and Enhance the Environment

Chapter 9 - Goal 5: To Enhance the Character and Uniqueness of the Freedom Community

Chapter 10 - Goal 6: To Encourage Community Involvement in the Development, Implementation, and Monitoring of the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 11 - Goal 7: To Promote Economic Development

Appendix A - Guidelines for Development of a Boulevard District

Appendix B - Glossary of Terms

Appendix C - Summary of Visioning Exercise Results

Appendix E - Types of Recreational Facilities Table

Comprehensive Plan Map

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