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Hampstead Community Comprehensive Plan

The Board of Carroll County Commissioners adopted the 2004 Hampstead Community Comprehensive Plan on December 14, 2004. Click on the links below to view the chapters of the plan or its maps. Copies of the plan are available at the Carroll County Department of Planning, 225 North Center Street, Westminster, Maryland.


Comprehensive Plan Map - provides an overview of the major recommendations in the plan

Existing Use of Land Map - indicates the primary use (e.g. agriculture) of each property

Current Zoning Map - indicates the zoning districts that were in effect when the plan was adopted

Existing and Proposed Priority Funding Areas Map - indicates areas where the State of Maryland

Level of Service Map - indicates the most congested roadways in the study area

Functional Class and Average Daily Traffic Map - displays traffic counts on major roads

Transportation Improvements Map - indicates locations of planned road and path projects

Existing Community Facilities Map - indicates locations of schools, libraries, parks, etc.

Water Services Areas Map - indicates areas served by or planned for service by public water supply

Sewer Services Areas Map - indicates areas served by or planned for service by public sewer

Environmental Resource Areas Map - indicates locations of resources such as wells and wetlands

Agricultural Resource Areas Map - indicates properties that participate in various land

Historic Sites Map - indicates locations of sites that have been inventoried for their historic significance

Land Use Designations in the Main Street Revitalization Area Map - indicates land use designations in the area that was addressed in the Hampstead Main Street Revitalization Plan (2000)

Land Use Designations in the Community Planning Area Map - indicates land use designations in the Town of Hampstead and surrounding areas where future expansion of the town is

Hampstead Community Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Demographics and Projections

Chapter 3 - Community Input

Chapter 4 - Plan Process and Structure

Chapter 5 - Plan Foundation

Chapter 6 - Growth Management and Land Use Goals

Chapter 7 - Transportation Goals

Chapter 8 - Community Facilities Goals

Chapter 9 - Natural and Agricultural Resources Goals

Chapter 10 - Economic Development and Activity Goals (Adobe Acrobat File -

Chapter 11 - Historic Resources Goals

Chapter 12 - Community Involvement Goals

Chapter 13 - Interjurisdictional Coordination and Communication Goals

Chapter 14 - Housing and Community Design Goals

Chapter 15 - Main Street Revitalization Goals

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