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Bureau of Comprehensive Planning - Master Plan

After more than four years of work, which included heavy citizen participation through visioning sessions and four work teams, the Carroll County Master Plan was adopted on December 20, 2000. The Master Plan, entitled Carroll County Challenges and Choices: A Master Plan for the Future, explores the many "challenges" facing the County and makes "choices" about how to address those challenges.

It is broken into chapters on Agriculture, Community Involvement, Development, Employment/Economic Development, Environment, Facilities and Services, Heritage, Housing, Interjurisdictional Cooperation, Parks, Transportation, and Concurrency Management. Other chapters describe the Concepts and Intentions, Past, Present & Future Trends, the Planning Process, and the Vision Statement and Goals of the Plan.

Click here to see the adopted Master Plan map in Adobe format.

Hard copies of the map and text are available in the Planning Department.

Master Plan
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Concepts and Intentions

Chapter 2 - Past, Present, & Future Trends

Chapter 3 - Planning Process

Chapter 4 - Concurrency Management

Chapter 5 - Vision Statement & Goals

Chapter 6 - Agriculture

Chapter 7 - Community Involvement

Chapter 8 - Development

Chapter 9 - Employment/Economic Development

Chapter 10 - Environment

Chapter 11 - Facilities & Services

Chapter 12 - Heritage

Chapter 13 - Housing

Chapter 14 - Interjurisdictional Cooperation

Chapter 15 - Parks

Chapter 16 - Transportation


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