Bureau of Comprehensive Planning
2008 Union Bridge Community Comprehensive Plan
Amended December 2009
Amended April 2010

The Town of Union Bridge originally adopted the 2008 Union Bridge Community Comprehensive Plan on July 27, 2008. Since its adoption, there have been two amendments to the plan document.

In September, 2009 a plan amendment proposed removing the westerly extension of Shepherd's Mill Road between Quaker Hill Road and MD 75/Green Valley Road as a planned major street. Following a November public hearing, the Union Bridge Planning and Zoning Commission recommended adopting the proposed amendment. The Town officially adopted this amended plan on December 21, 2009.

A second amendment was initiated as a result of the Town's participation in developing a unified Water Resources Element (WRE) in conjunction with the County and Carroll's seven other municipalities. This new plan element was required to be in place by April 2010. The WRE was jointly circulated by the County and all of the municipalities for 60-day public review on November 17, 2009. Following its February 11, 2010 public hearing, the Union Bridge Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the element's adoption to the Mayor and Town Council on March 18, 2010. The WRE was adopted by the Mayor and Town Council on April 26, 2010.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Plan Foundation

Chapter 3: Demographics & Projections

Chapter 4: Community Input

Chapter 5: Growth Management & Land Use

Chapter 6: Municipal Growth

Chapter 7: Transportation

Chapter 8: Community Facilities

Chapter 9: Natural & Agricultural Resources

Chapter 10: Economic Development & Activity

Chapter 11: Historic/Cultural Resources

Chapter 12: Community Involvement

Chapter 13: Interjurisdictional Coordination & Communication

Chapter 14: Housing & Community Design

Chapter 15: Main Street Revitalization

Chapter 16: 2008 Land Use Designations



1990 Land Use Designations

Existing Use of Land

Publicly Owned Land

Current Zoning

Priority Funding Area

Municipal Growth Areas

Parks & Local Circulation

Community Facilities

Water Service Areas

Sewer Service Areas

Environmental Resources

Mineral Resource Overlay

Land Preservation

Historic & Cultural Resources

Main Street Revitalization Area

2008 Land Use Designations

2008 Comprehensive Plan