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2007 Westminster Environs Community Comprehensive Plan

The Board of County Commissioners of Carroll County adopted the Westminster Environs Community Comprehensive Plan on November 29, 2007. The adopted plan can be viewed in .pdf format by following the links below. Hard copies and CDs of the plan also are available for purchase in the Planning Department (Room 204 of the County Office Building).

Adopted Plan
Commissioner Resolution

Planning Commission Resolution

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Plan Process and Structure

Chapter 3: Plan Foundation
     Comprehensive Plan Map

Chapter 4: Demographics & Projections

Chapter 5: Community Input

Chapter 6: Growth Management & Land Use
     Existing Use of Land Map
     Carroll County-Owned Land Map
     Current Zoning Map
     1985 Land Use Designations & CPA Map
     2007 Proposed Land Use Designations and Proposed Growth Area Boundary Map
     2007 City and County Land Use Designations
     Smart Growth Priority Funding Areas Map

Chapter 7: Transportation
     Proposed Transportation Improvements Map

Chapter 8: Community Facilities
     Existing Facilities Map
     Existing & Potential Future School Facilities Map
     Existing, Priority and Future Water Service Areas Map
     Existing, Priority and Future Sewer Service Areas Map
     Existing and Planned Parks and Recreation Areas Map

Chapter 9: Natural & Agricultural Resources
     Environmental Resource Areas Map
     Mineral Resource Areas Map
     Agricultural Preservation & Land Trust Easements Map

Chapter 10: Economic Development & Activity
     Commercial and Industrial Centers Map
     Proposed Commercial and Industrial Land Use Designation Changes Map

Chapter 11: Historic/Cultural Resources
     Historic Sites Map

Chapter 12: Community Involvement

Chapter 13: Interjurisdictional Coordination & Communication

Chapter 14: Housing & Community Design