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Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan Update

Carroll County Bureau of Comprehensive Planning is updating the 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan to meet Maryland's Land Use Article of Code, which requires jurisdictions to update their master plans, and in this case, small area plan, every ten years . The update of the 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan is following the recently Adopted 2014 Carroll County Master Plan.

The update of the 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan will be the framework for land use, growth management, rural/agricultural policies, economic development, water resources, natural environmental resources, community facilities and services, and recreational resources. Supplementing the update is the 2014 Approved Freedom Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan & Assessment.

Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan Remanded to Planning Commission

Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan - Discussion Schedule

Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan - Revised Land Use Definitions

Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan - Future Land Use Map: Board of County Commissioners Conditional Approval

+ Freedom Parcels with Future Land Use Changes

Concept 1: Limit the acreage of Agriculture Land Use designations.
Concept 2: Recognize and bring up- to-date properties as they have manifested on the ground, especially those that are residentially or industrially designated, but are acting in a commercial manner through a Conditional Use approval or a Zoning Map Amendment.
Concept 3: Designate a limited number of parcels within the Freedom CPA for both higher intensity residential and commercial uses, based on location and proximity to infrastructure.
Concept 4: Identify additional employment lands (commercial, industrial, and employment uses) based on the 2007 EDLENS study (see Element 6) and meeting with the Department of Economic Development to determine appropriate properties, thereby working towards increasing the employment tax base for the CPA and the County as identified in the 2014 Carroll County Master Plan.
Concept 5: Designate public school sites to be in conformance with the surrounding land use.
Technical Properties whose land use has been adjusted to match parcel boundaries, floodplains and other mapping issues to the extent possible.

View the Approved 2017 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan

View Comments from the 60-Day review period on the Accepted 2017 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan

Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan Media:

Approved Plan Executive Summary

Comparison of 2001 and 2017 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plans

In accordance with the provisions of the Land Use Article, Maryland Annotated Code, the official comment period for the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan is closed.

Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan - Common Misconceptions

+ Freedom Questions

+ Approved Freedom Future Land Use Map

+ Other Freedom Area Studies / Past Plans

+ 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction to a Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Freedom Community
Chapter 3 - Demographics and Population Projections
Chapter 4 - Plan Vision, Goals, and Format
Chapter 5 - Goal 1: To Provide a Plan that Promotes Growth Management and Community Development
Chapter 6 - Goal 2: To Provide a Safe and Functional Transportation System
Chapter 7 - Goal 3: To Provide Adequate Public Facilities and Services
Chapter 8 - Goal 4: To Protect and Enhance the Environment
Chapter 9 - Goal 5: To Enhance the Character and Uniqueness of the Freedom Community
Chapter 10 - Goal 6: To Encourage Community Involvement in the Development, Implementation, and Monitoring of the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 11 - Goal 7: To Promote Economic Development
Appendix A - Guidelines for Development of a Boulevard District
Appendix B - Glossary of Terms
Appendix C - Summary of Visioning Exercise Results
Appendix E - Types of Recreational Facilities Table
Comprehensive Plan Map

2014 Freedom Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan & Assessment

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