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Carroll County Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan


The Carroll County Bureau of Comprehensive Planning is working on a comprehensive, county-wide bicycle-pedestrian master plan. The Plan will focus on the transportation aspects of bicycle-pedestrian movements, as well as recreational and tourism opportunities.


"Carroll County is a diverse community made up of suburban centers, towns, rural areas, places of recreation and heritage destinations that are well connected in a safe and efficient manner to enable recreational choices and transportation options."

Chapter Goal
Chapter 1: Introduction, Background, Plan Development
Chapter 2: Plan Vision and, Goals
Chapter 3: Existing Conditions Goal 1: Identify and assess existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities and networks.
Chapter 4: Possible Connections Goal 2: Identify a hierarchy of key connections and destinations within Carroll County.
Chapter 5: Making Connections Beyond the Path Goal 3: Support walkable and bikeable communities to achieve sustainability, livability, health and economic benefits, including tourism opportunities.
Chapter 6: Transportation Alternative Goal 4: Place a greater emphasis on walking and bicycling in all planning and development processes.
Chapter 7: Design Alternatives Goal 5: Develop and construct bicycle and pedestrian facilities to effectively balance the needs of all transportation users to promote travel choices, ensuring that bicyclist and pedestrian needs are prioritized in appropriate locations and with safety in mind.
Chapter 8: Implementation Strategies and Funding Mechanisms

Goal 6: Leverage and utilize, to the greatest extent possible, state and federal funding for improvements to existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities as well as construction of new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in a way that will yield the greatest impact on the County as a whole.

Goal 7: Work with local elected officials, government agencies, and the community to promote and emphasize bicycle and pedestrian safety training and outreach.

Maps displayed at Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan Citizen Outreach Meeting (3/21/17)

Please note: The maps are in DRAFT form for citizen and stakeholder input. Also, the Adopted/Planned and Future Connection trail/path alignments you see are planning level alignments. No engineering or design information is currently available.

Trail Status Definitions

Hampstead (Updated) Manchester (Updated) Mount Airy (Updated) New Windsor
Sykesville (Updated) Taneytown (Updated) Union Bridge (Updated) Westminster - Bike (Updated)
Westminster - Bike (Updated) Westminster - Pedestrian (Updated) Westminster - Pedestrian (Updated) Finksburg
Freedom (Updated) Countywide (Updated)

Please send us your comments on the maps, vision, and goals. Comments are being accepted through April 14, 2017.


Citizens Outreach Meeting Interest Survey
  • The Carroll County Department of Planning has gathered information and data towards the County’s first Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan. To date we have conducted background research; collected data on collisions, existing and planned trails, paths and bicycle-pedestrian infrastructure; created maps and conducted analysis; consulted with bicycle-pedestrian experts; gathered citizen input through an outreach meeting and interest surveys; and reached out to relevant agencies and community groups.
  • Check out the Survey Results from the first interest survey! This survey gathered information about walking and biking in Carroll County. (March 2015)
  • Check out the Survey Results from the second interest survey! They survey gathered information for the first Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan Citizen Outreach Meeting. (December 2016)
    • On December 9, 2016 the Department of Planning was at Race Pace Bicycles gathering citizen input into the second interest survey

Other Bike-Ped

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Bike to Work Day (B2WD)

B2WD was Friday, May 19, 2017. Visit BMC’s webpage to learn more about it.

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