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Planning & Zoning Commission

The Land Use Article (formerly Article 66B Zoning and Planning) of the Annotated Code of Maryland delegates planning and zoning regulatory powers to several counties and municipalities. Among several of the delegated powers is the authority to create a planning commission to prepare comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, and subdivision regulations and to guide development within this framework.

The seven-member Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission was formed on August 10, 1959. Members serve without pay, and receive a $90 per diem allowance. All are citizens of Carroll County. The Commission members as of November 2013 were as follows:

Expiration of Term
Richard J. Soisson, Chair October 2020
Cynthia Cheatwood, Vice Chair October 2019
Jeffrey A. Wothers April 2018
Alec Yeo March 2018
Eugene A. Canale January 2022
Daniel E. Hoff October 2018
Janice R. Kirkner, Alternate December 2022
Ed Rothstein, ex-officio December 2019

Lynda D. Eisenberg, Director of the Department of Planning, serves as the Secretary to the Commission. The Commission follows an adopted set of Administrative Rules during its meetings.

The Commission meets for a regular monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of every month in the Reagan Room (Room 003) of the County Office Building. Commission meetings are open to the public, except as provided by law. Members also attend numerous other meetings throughout the year, including scheduled hearings and special work sessions, in conjunction with their duties as Commission members. An agenda is posted approximately 10 days in advance of the meetings, indicating the items scheduled for each meeting. Minutes of previous meetings are available for review.

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