Carroll County Detention Center

George R. Hardinger, WardenGeorge R. Hardinger, Warden

As the Warden of the Carroll County Detention Center it is an honor to highlight the accomplishments of the Detention Center as part of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office and to share our organizational values. I am particularly proud of our determination to do even better. Being good, reaching our goals and objectives is simply not good enough. Our goal shall always be to be the best. As we review the accomplishments of the previous years we set higher goals for the future.

The safe and efficient operations of the Detention Center are mandates of the Sheriff's Office and it is upon that foundation that we build our reputation as professionals in the public safety community. As a partner in the criminal justice community our correctional mission to enhance public safety is critically important. Where the safety of the public and our employees is concerned there is no room for compromise. While there can be no doubt that security is job one, it is our sworn duty to respect and protect the rights and dignity of every citizen. It is such an honor to work with a team of professionals that are committed to balancing the complexities of security, custody, and the opportunity for rehabilitation.

The Carroll County Detention Center is a full-service correctional facility offering a wide range of alternatives to incarceration to include, Pretrial Services, Home Detention, Treatment Diversion Program, and Work Release.

Our pursuit of excellence and commitment to public safety is guided by the following five organization values:

  • Team Work: Loyalty not only to each other, but also to the citizens we serve. We share equally in all successes and experience the same failures.

  • Integrity: Is mission critical in all that we do without compromise.

  • Pride: Pride in who we are, what we do, and how well we do it.

  • Accountability: Individually and collectively we take responsibility for what we do and we accept the responsibility for our actions.

  • Professionalism: We have a clear sense of duty and commitment to the highest standards