Bureau of Development Review - Concurrency Management Report
Fiscal Year 2012

The annual Concurrency Management Report is associated with Chapter 71 of the Code of Public Local Laws and Ordinances, Adequate Public Facilities and Concurrency Management. The purpose of Concurrency Management is to ensure that proposed or planned residential growth proceeds at a rate that will not unduly strain public facilities, including schools, roads, water and sewer facilities, and police, fire, and emergency medical services. The annual report analyzes the residential development activity of the past year, assesses the available capacity of public facilities and services, and recommends ways to better achieve the stated purpose of Chapter 71.

FY12 Concurrency Management Report

Table of Contents
Chapter One - Development Activity
Chapter Two - Building Permit Information
Chapter Three - Schools
Chapter Four - Roads
Chapter Five - Fire and Emergency Medical Services
Chapter Six - Police Services
Chapter Seven - Water and Sewer Service
Chapter Eight - Available Threshold Capacity Recommendations