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Department of Public Safety

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Emergency Management Activities

  • Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association (CCVESA) - Emergency Management works closely with this county firemen's association in obtaining equipment and grants for emergency services.

  • Fire and Rescue Operations Committee - Emergency Management works closely with this fire and rescue chief's committee in pursuit of the best emergency services possible for county residents.

  • Urban Area Security Initiative - Created through the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) consists of seven regional jurisdictions (Baltimore City, Annapolis City, Baltimore, Carroll, Howard, Harford, and Anne Arundel Counties) working together for the good of the whole. This group seeks regional cooperation in all avenues of emergency management in regard to mitigation, planning, response, and recovery from all-hazards incidents region-wide.

  • Local Emergency Planning Committee - Required by the federal government mandate, SARA Title III, this committee oversees the flow and storage of hazardous materials throughout Carroll County.

  • Manage County Emergency Operations Center - Emergency Management is entrusted with charge of the emergency operations center for Carroll County. This is the nerve center of disasters and incidents in the county. Heads or representatives of numerous agencies and departments converge on this center during disasters/emergencies and operate as one unit to resolve any emergency.

  • Update County Emergency Operations Plan - One of the major plans for county security is the emergency operations plan. This designates responsibilities and duties of various agencies during times of emergencies. It is updated frequently by emergency management officials.

  • Disaster Preparedness Group - The DPG is a group of agencies that meet monthly through the Health Department to discuss emergency management activities for the county. This group also reviews and works with Emergency Management to update the county emergency operations plan.

  • Critical Incident Protocol Group - The CIP is a public/private partnership group of businesses, organizations, and county/city agencies that meet bimonthly to discuss emergency preparedness for public/private businesses and government.

  • Citizen Education - Emergency Management works with public and private groups to help prepare citizens/businesses for disasters/emergencies. One of the premiere items is the CERT program. The creation of the "Citizens Guide to Emergency Preparedness" was sponsored by the Carroll County Office of Public Safety Support Services and the Carroll County Health Department. Emergency Management also visits business and government agencies to discuss emergency preparedness.

  • National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) - This Federal program is a nationwide effort to get jurisdictions across the country to talk the same language to each other and to promote the Incident Command System concept to not only government entities but also the private sector