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Department of Public Safety

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Emergency Management Services

  1. Emergency Notification - When impending severe weather or a crisis has occurred, Carroll County uses the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for TV and Radio. These are written or verbal messages warning residents of impending weather or issuing crisis information.

  2. Reverse Emergency Public Information System - This is a telephone system where, when danger to the public or public information is needed immediately, the Carroll County Emergency 911 Communications Center calls the public and declares or leaves a message with information as to what they should do.

  3. Emergency Preparedness Training - Carroll County government offers to citizens, free of charge, training in the Community Emergency Reserve Training (CERT) course. This course offers citizens the opportunity to receive training in disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical operations, team organization, disaster psychology, terrorism and CERT, and a final exercise. Citizens, upon completion, receive a CERT backpack with supplies and a certificate of completion.

  4. Grants Management - Emergency Management seeks and obtains grants through various sources such as the Department of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program Grants, Maryland Department of the Environment, and State Homeland Security grants.

  5. Emergency Operations Plan - The County Emergency Management section is responsible for creating an emergency operations plan to assist operations in disasters with an all-hazards approach. Coordination with multiple agencies and businesses is crucial for this plan to work correctly.