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Grants Office - Data Resources

General Statistics

Carroll County Bureau of Comprehensive Planning
Data on Carroll County population and households; links to U. S. Census data including social, economic, housing and other demographics

Maryland State Department of Planning
2013 U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimates for Maryland Jurisdictions

Carroll County Department of Economic Development
Data Center includes Carroll County Commuter Survey, Labor Survey, Employers, Housing Data and U. S. Census data

Crime Statistics

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
Data Resource Guides including Statistical Information, Recidivism and County /Regional Data

Maryland Uniform Crime Reports
Statistics by Maryland Jurisdiction

Human Service Statistics

National Low Income Housing Coalition
Out of Reach Annual Report addresses affordability of housing by state/county

Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County
“Our Community Dashboard” compares Carroll County to other Maryland counties or the nation on a variety of health indicators

Governor’s Office of Children
MD Results for Child Well-Being; Out-of -Home Placements and Family Preservation for MD jurisdictions