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Board of License Commissioners

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Board of License Commissioners (Liquor Board)

The State of Maryland at Article 2B of the Annotated Code of Maryland has enacted extensive regulations governing the manufacture, transportation, sale and storage of alcoholic beverages. State law also empowers the Carroll County Board of License Commissioners (commonly referred to as the Liquor Board) to administer and enforce the provisions of Article 2B. The Carroll County Liquor Board has adopted its own Rules and Regulations necessary to discharge its duties under Article 2B. The members of the Liquor Board are appointed by the Commissioners of Carroll County and serve staggered three-year terms. An alternate member is also appointed to a one-year term to serve when a member is absent.

Liquor Board Members

David L. Brauning, Sr., Chairman
George Barnhart, Member
George E. Harmening, Member

The Liquor Board is assisted by the following County staff:

Jo Vance, Administrative Hearings Coordinator
Timothy A. Dixon, Assistant County Attorney

Liquor Board Functions

The Liquor Board typically meets twelve (12) times per year. Meetings are set for the second Wednesday of every month in Room 003 of the Carroll County Office Building. The Board issues all liquor licenses in Carroll County, approves transfers of licenses, issues "one day" liquor licenses for non-profit organizations and renews all liquor licenses on an annual basis (March 1 - March 3l). In addition, the Board holds hearings on violations of Article 2B or the Carroll County Liquor Board Rules and Regulations. The Board can impose monetary penalties, suspend licenses or revoke licenses upon a finding of licensee misconduct. The Board employs one inspector to conduct investigations of license holders and applicants for licenses and to assist in the enforcement and administration of the liquor laws and local rules.