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Accounting for Growth ("Growth Offsets")

"Because population growth and new development add load to what is already entering the Bay from development-related sources, Maryland's Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) requires that the new or increased loads be offset by reductions elsewhere, so there is no net increase the amount of nutrient and sediment pollution entering the Bay from these sources." (Source: "Accounting for Growth," Maryland Department of the Environment website)

"A draft of a proposed AFG policy was widely circulated through stakeholder meetings and documents posted online [during the summer of 2012], however, our extensive outreach and public comment revealed that there was a lack of consensus on many fundamental issues. Therefore, a work group has been established with various stakeholders to find common ground, clarify areas of disagreement and make recommendations for a draft AFG policy in June 2013. Eight meetings of the work group have been scheduled, beginning January 18, 2013 and ending July 19, 2013. (Source: "Accounting for Growth," Maryland Department of the Environment website)

For more information, visit the Maryland Department of the Environment's (MDE) Accounting for Growth website.

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