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Water & Sewer Maps (for all areas served)

The tri-annual update was approved in July 2014 by the MD Department of the Environment.
There are 22 different maps that are included in a public water and/or sewer areas across the County.
These areas include all eight incorporated municipalities, community systems, and school systems.
Printed Size: Various sizes
Date of Map: July 2014
Order Cost: $5.00 each
Contact Info: Please call 410-386-2145 or email
Hampstead Industrial Park Sewer
(429 KB)

Bark Hill Water
(1317 KB)

Bramble Hills Water
(192 KB)

Freedom Sewer
(20,078 KB)

Freedom Water
(20,775 KB)

Hampstead Sewer
(1,641 KB)

Hampstead Water
(1,698 KB)

Manchester Sewer
(4,221 KB)

Manchester Water
(10,557 KB)

Mount Airy Sewer
(2,773 KB)

Mount Airy Water
(11,857 KB)

New Windsor Sewer
(953 KB)

New Windsor Water
(5,144 KB)

Pleasant Valley Sewer
(568 KB)

Pleasant Valley Water
(1,772 KB)

Taneytown Sewer
(1,539 KB)

Taneytown Water
(1,686 KB)

Union Bridge Sewer
(3,654 KB)

Union Bridge Water
(8,168 KB)

Westminster Sewer
(4,393 KB)

Westminster Water
(19,413 KB)

Winfield-South Carroll
Sewer (736 KB)

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