Children exploring stream
Naming the Tributaries of Our Scenic River

All of us identify with (and maybe even care more about) real places with real names. Naming our community’s streams helps encourage concern for and stewardship of our irreplaceable resources. Amazingly, many streams throughout our communities remain nameless more than 400 years AFTER the first maps of the Monocacy watershed were drawn.

The Monocacy Scenic River Citizens Advisory Board’s mission is advocating for preservation of the scenic Monocacy River and its watershed. To meet this duty, they are sponsoring a stream naming contest open to all residents, groups or property owners in Frederick and Carroll Counties. Six streams across the two counties have been selected and YOUR interest and creative energy are needed to help name to these nameless places.

By joining this effort, you can seize an opportunity to reinforce the distinctiveness of the places we call home. The selected names for these six streams will be forwarded to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) for review and ultimately permanent legal recognition.

You, your family, your class or school, civic group or organization can be a critical partner in officially naming these anonymous waterways. So, take a look at the candidate streams and START TALKING ABOUT WHAT NAME YOU THINK SHOULD BE PUT ON THE MAP FOREVER!