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Wind Energy Systems

Your residential wind energy system will require permits and inspections in order to ensure that it is safe for use. We encourage you to review our small wind energy systems code and our small wind energy system permit application requirements before applying for a permit.

picture of windmill in use Note: Maryland state government and the federal government have renewable energy incentive programs, including tax credits and rebates, which you may be able to take advantage of. Please see the Maryland Energy Administration – Residential website and the – Tax Credits, Rebates & Savings website for more information.

Permits Required

Your residential wind energy system will require an electrical permit and a building permit. An electrical permit must be issued before the building permit is issued. If the system will power a hot water heater, a plumbing permit will be required and must be issued before the building permit. Please gather the documentation specified below and have your licensed electrician submit an electrical permit application. If applicable, have your licensed plumber submit a plumbing permit application, then submit a building permit application.

Permit Process

Many factors affect the speed with which your application(s) are approved. For best results, it is critical that you carefully review your application and design documents prior to submission to ensure that all necessary documents are included and that the design is compliant with county code. Normally, permits can be issued within 10-15 business days if the application is complete, accurate, and code-compliant.

Construction Document Requirements

Submitted documents must contain sufficient information for the plan reviewer to be able to review the proposed construction.

If your solar panel(s) will be attached to the roof of a structure, please provide:

  • ___ Two (2) complete sets of detailed construction plans – drawn to scale – to include:
    • ___ Manufacturer’s installation specifications
  • ___ Three (3) plot plans of the entire parcel – drawn to scale – to include:
    • ___ Location of the proposed solar panel(s)
    • ___ Measurements from the proposed structure to each property line
    • ___ Measurements from the proposed wind energy system to any right of ingress or egress on the property
    • ___ Measurements from the proposed wind energy system to any overhead utility lines, existing guy wire, anchor, or other small wind energy tower on the property
    • ___ Location of any existing structures
    • ___ Location of any existing structuresMeasurements from the proposed wind energy system to existing/proposed well and/or septic area
    • ___ Road name

Your wind energy system will require a series of inspections throughout the building process. At a minimum, your wind energy system will require the following:

Building Inspections
  • Foundation
  • Final
Electrical Inspections
  • Rough-in
  • Service
  • Final

Scheduling an Inspection


Please see Row F of the building permit fee schedule. There will be no fee for an electrical permit for a residential wind energy system.