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Where can I view various County maps on the web?

This site also provides the user the ability to perform parcel and zoning inquiries.

Carroll County's maps on the web.

Where can I get copies of tax maps?

Office of Assessments and Taxation
Winchester Exchange
17 East Main Street, Westminster, MD 21157

or check out

Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation Real Property Information System Online Database http://www.dat.state.md.us/datanote.html

Where can I get copies of the Comprehensive Plans, Demographics Manual, etc...?

Planning maps and documents can be obtained from the Planning Office, in person or by mail. See our Price List for all available plans and maps.

If I want to develop my property, where can I go for information?

Go to the Carroll County Bureau of Development Review page.

Who can I contact for information on the Agricultural Preservation Program?

Contact Ralph Robertson, Agricultural Land Preservation Program Manager for Carroll County: County Office Building, Department of Planning (Room 204) 225 N. Center Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157 or call him at (410-386-2214)


To go to the Agricultural Preservation Page click here

How do I find out about rezoning my property?

Contact the Bureau of Comprehensive Planning in Room 204 of the County Office Building or call 410-386-2145.

Where do I go for information on public water/sewer or well/septic system issues?

For answers to questions regarding public water and sewer planning, contact Andrea Gerhard in the Planning Department (410-386-2145). Questions about private well and septic systems should be directed to the Environmental Health Division of the County Health Department (410-876-1884)

How do I find out about Planning Commission meetings?

The Carroll County Planning Commission holds regularly scheduled meetings on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held in the County Office Building and agendas can be obtained by calling the Planning Department at (410-386-2145) or clicking here. Approved minutes for previous meetings can be viewed by clicking here.

What are my opportunities for input into the planning process?

Planning Commission meetings and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings are always open to the public and allow for public input on the issues or cases being discussed. Additionally, Technical Review Committee meetings allow for public comment on many development review proposals early in the development process {check the Bureau of Development Review's web site}. Input on the development of Comprehensive Plans and the County Master Plan is encouraged at various points throughout the process. If a comprehensive plan is being updated in your area, notices of progress on the plan and opportunities for input will be mailed to each household in the study area. Additionally, notices will be posted in local newspapers and updates will be available through the Plannning Department's page.

Where is the Department of Planning located, and how do I get there?

The Department of Planning is located in the Carroll County Office Building, Room 204, 225 N. Center Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157.

If you are coming from the Baltimore area and points east, you should take I-795 west to MD Rt. 140 west. Those coming from the south should follow MD Rt. 97 north and turn left onto MD Rt. 140 west. Once on MD Rt. 140 west, turn left onto Center Street in Westminster; the County Office Building is on the left.

Coming from Pennsylvania and points north, follow MD Rt. 97 south to MD Rt. 140 east into Westminster. Those traveling from Taneytown and points west, follow MD Rt. 140 into Westminster. Once on MD Rt. 140, turn right onto Center Street; the County Office Building is on the left.

None of these questions help me, how do I contact the Department of Planning?

The Department of Planning is located in the Carroll County Office Building, Room 204, 225 N. Center Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157. Office hours are from 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday through Friday. The telephone number is (410) 386-2145, or toll free (888) 302-8978 (Maryland and Pennsylvania callers only). Also, you can e-mail the Department at ccplanning@ccg.carr.org.

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