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"Governor Martin O'Malley on Dec. 19, 2011 accepted "PlanMaryland," the State's first long-range plan for sustainable growth, from Secretary Richard Hall of the Maryland Department of Planning, achieving a vision first laid out by the General Assembly a half-century ago. The Governor also filed an Executive Order to provide an overview of the process for implementation of the plan.

PlanMaryland is an executive policy plan that better coordinates the smart growth efforts and programs of state government. The Governor filed the Plan with the Secretary of State, as required by law. The Governor filed an Executive Order to provide an overview of implementation of the plan. State agencies will work to identify changes in strategy to achieve the goals of the plan, and to work with local governments on delineating areas for future growth and preservation." (Source: "Welcome to PlanMaryland," Maryland Department of Planning website)

For more information, visit the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) website:


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