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Emergency Entry Key Boxes

Emergency entry key boxes are approved for use in Carroll County using the GE Supra system of key storage products. The system allows emergency personnel to quickly enter a secured building. The standard box used throughout the county is the Supra Industrial Max, which mounts directly to the outside wall of a property near a point of entry. Supra MaxThe box is suitable for both commercial and residential applications and may be purchased directly from the manufacturer and installed by the property owner.

Advantages of installing an emergency entry key box:

  • Safe and immediate access to building keys can be gained by emergency services, eliminating costly damage caused by forcing entry into the building.
  • Mechanical and sprinkler systems can be readily accessed.
  • Entry ways and systems can be easily re-secured.

Carroll County does not mandate installation of emergency entry key boxes, but property owners are encouraged to install an emergency entry key box to contain the necessary keys to operate doors and building systems.

An order form can be obtained on request by contacting the office at 410-386-2298.