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Fire Protection Engineering and Life Safety Plan Review Services

Fire protection and life safety plan review services are provided by one Fire Protection Specialist and one Fire Protection Plans Examiner. Site plan and subdivision plans are reviewed as part of the development process. The office works with the Bureau of Development Review and the Bureau of Permits and Inspections to ensure that projects are processed with consideration given to the needs of emergency responders and to ensure that plans comply with all applicable regulations including the latest adopted versions of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, International Building Code, and applicable Carroll County fire safety regulations.

The office also coordinates a variety of programs including the county's regional fire suppression water storage tank program, and the emergency entry key box program.

Questions about subdivision and site development fire safety issues, fire suppression tanks, or other fire safety issues can be directed to Mr. Bryan S. Van Fossen at 410-386-2298 or by email at bvanfossen@carrollcountymd.gov.

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