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Fire Suppression Water Storage Tanks

Fire Suppression Water Storage Tanks

In 2004, Carroll County implemented a regional underground fire suppression water storage tank program in recognition of the need to improve the availability of water for fire suppression in the areas of the county that are not served by public water systems. The program involves installation of 30,000 gallon water tanks in strategic areas to function as reliable regional water supplies. The design is based on a 30,000 gallon configuration that was originally developed by neighboring Baltimore County, and has proven to be both durable and effective for providing water for rural firefighting operations.

Fire suppression tanks installed under this program are built in accordance with well-defined specifications to ensure that every tank is capable of providing a water delivery rate of at least 1,000 gallons per minute using a fire department pumper in all conditions. Fire suppression tanks are constructed of fiberglass and use a standard 6NH male draft connection and a 4" Storz fill connection. A combination vent with fill indicator to show when the tank is at full capacity is also standard.

Fire SuppressionPotential tank sites are evaluated in cooperation with the fire service using a standard set of criteria so that the location can be ranked and placed in a prioritized order of placement. Locations must be carefully chosen so the tanks provides the greatest benefit. Every site has unique challenges that require careful planning so that all issues are considered prior to placement. Carroll County Maryland covers an area of approximately 456 square miles and is still considered mostly rural in terms of fire suppression methods; regional tanks are one way to improve the efficiency of water delivery to these areas.

All opportunities to bid on tank installation projects are posted by the Bureau of Purchasing in accordance with County policy.

Additional information can be obtained by clicking on the links below or by contacting the Carroll County Office of Public Safety Support Services, Fire Protection Engineer's office at 410-386-2298.

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