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Hap Baker Firearms Facility
Rules and Regulations


Gun owners must accept personal responsibility for self-education and for teaching others about safety. All Facility users MUST adhere to posted rules. Failure to do so may result in eviction from the premises and/or revocation of user badge.

The following is a list of major Facility rules. Users are expected to familiarize themselves with ALL rules and strictly adhere to them. These rules were designed for the safety of the Facility users and the public alike.

  1. A Range Officer employed by the Department of Recreation and Parks shall be in complete charge at all times.
  2. A loaded firearm must be kept pointed downrange at all times. In the event of a misfire, keep firearm pointed downrange and alert a Range Officer.
  3. All Mosin Nagant rifles shall be loaded with one round at a time, no exceptions.
  4. When handling any firearms, muzzles shall be pointed in upward position with action open and magazines removed.
  5. A firearm shall be loaded only on the firing line (with the exception of muzzleloaders see range officer for specific instructions). Firearms must be kept open and magazines removed at all other times.
  6. Eye and ear protection MUST be worn at all times while on the firing line.
  7. Your firing line position and target position must correspond. Angle firing is not permitted on any range.
  8. No Class 3 weapons are to be fired in the fully automatic mode. There must be at least a 2 second delay between each shot.
  9. Ammunition/Load Limitations: Handgun/rifle calibers are not to exceed 50 calibers, with the exception of black powder. Military tracer and armor piercing rounds shall not be used. BMG’s are not allowed. Shotguns must be fired from the shoulder with rifle slugs only. No scatter shot. All Shotguns must have front sight and rear adjustable sight or scope.
  10. When up to three shooters are using the range, mutual consent must be reached to make the line hot or cold. When the line is cold, no firearm may be handled.

    Upon a call of “cease fire”, all shooters must stop shooting immediately and empty all firearms, magazines out, slides back, actions open. Targets shall be changed only after an “all clear” from the Range Officer.

  11. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, or any other depressant or stimulant, will not be permitted to use the Facility.
  12. No pets allowed on the premises.
  13. No smoking or E-cigarettes are permitted on the firing line or in any structure at the facility.
  14. No littering. Individuals or groups using the Facility are responsible for keeping the area clean. This includes policing the area of brass.
  15. Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (age 21 and older) at all times. (No charge to those 16 years and under).
  16. Shooting shall be with paper targets only on our stationary frames.
  17. Spectators shall remain clear of and behind the firing line at all times.
  18. Facility identification badges must be worn visibly while on the premises. No badge is to be loaned or transferred to another person at any time. I.D. may be required.
  19. The Range Officer’s decision/discretion is final in all cases.