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The Martin Cabin Homestead

Built in the early 1800’s the Martin Cabin provides a glimpse into pre-Civil War era life in Carroll County. Standing one and a half stories tall, the cabin was originally constructed from trees and fieldstone from the surrounding area.

The Martin Cabin and surrounding land have changed ownership several times. According to records, the land was originally purchased in the late 1700’s by the Siers family. In the early 1900’s, the cabin and the land around it were purchased by the Martin family who built a larger structure around the old log cabin. When the land that is now Hashawha was purchased by Carroll County in the 1950’s, it included the old house.It was not until the house was being torn down that the cabin was discovered again.

Today, the Martin Cabin is used for educational purposes. Outdoor School, as well as staff from Bear Branch Nature Center, provides programs about life in the mid-19th century. The Martin Cabin is open during the annual Maple Festival and Pancake Breakfast, and staffed by members of the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland.

The Martin Cabin is located near the intersection of the Stream Trail and the Wilderness Trail, just north of the Residential Area. Though the cabin is locked, please feel free to stop by and see the structure, the period herb garden adjacent, and the 300 year-old White Oak tree that stands nearby.