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    HEC: 410-386-3560
    BBNC: 410-386-3580

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Tent Camping
  • Tent Camping is available to groups of fifteen or more.
  • Only one group at a time is permitted on Hashawha campgrounds.
  • There is a refundable $25.00 deposit due thirty days prior to camping reservation. There is also a $5.00 fee per person for each night of tent camping.
  • Please email or send the following information to request a tent camping reservation:

Name of Group:
Leader's Name:
Work/Home Number:
Date/Time of Arrival:
Date/Time of Departure:

Will you bring your own firewood?

Or, will you need firewood provided at $10.00 per 1/10 cord? How many cords requested?

Please return the Tent Camping Reservation Form/Indemnification Agreement with your deposit, along with a copy of your Certificate of Insurance and a copy of the group's charter and bylaws.

I have read the form titled "Tent Camping at Hashawha Procedure and Regulations" and will abide by the rules stated.


Groups using this area of Hashawha/Bear Branch do so at their own risk. The center does not provide security. A group using the center does so on the condition that it assumes full responsibility and liability for any injury or damage to members of the group or their property. It is understood that the group and its leaders indemnify and hold harmless the County government and its officers, employees, and volunteers from all liability except that incurred through the County's negligence.

Signature of Camp Leader:

Print Name:

Group Name: