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Six pavilions in lovely locations are available for groups or families to rent. They contain grills, picnic tables, and electrical service. To rent a pavilion, call the Park at 410-795-5165.

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Pavilion Rental

Pavilions can be reserved beginning January 2nd each year.
Please call Park Office to check availability.

Pavilion NumberNumber of PeopleCharge per day**Number of TablesGrills
1*250$225.0024 8ft3 Large
250-60$125.005 8ft
1 8ft ADA
2 Small
3*50-60$125.006 8ft2 Small
4125$175.0011 8ft
2 8ft ADA
1 Large
5125$175.0011 8ft
2 8ft ADA
1 Large
6125$175.006 12ft
3 8ft
2 8ft ADA
2 Large

* Pavilion is not handicapped accessible
** Pavilion Prices include 5 (five) free vehicle entrance fee passes for day of rental