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New Dept. of Public Works Road Construction Schedule for Week of August 3, 2015
posted: 7/31/2015

New Monarch Madness Festival - Venders Wanted
posted: 7/31/2015

New Water Meter Vault Installations Continue
posted: 7/30/2015

Traffic Alert - Louisville Road Closing on or About August 3, 2015
posted: 7/28/2015

Piney Run Park to Host Bass Fishing Tournament
posted: 7/28/2015

Traffic Alert - Bartholow Road Closing on or About August 5, 2015
posted: 7/28/2015

Traffic Alert - Klees Mill Road Closing on or About August 10, 2015
posted: 7/28/2015

Dept. of Public Works Road Construction Schedule for Week of July 27, 2015
posted: 7/24/2015

Traffic Alert - Winters Church Road to close on or about July 20, 2015
posted: 7/23/2015

A Conference for Grandparents and Interested Citizens
posted: 7/17/2015

Commissioners announce relocation of ATB to Westminster
posted: 7/16/2015

Traffic Alert - Closure of Arnold Road to begin or about July 27, 2015
posted: 7/16/2015

Adirondack Chair Auction in August
posted: 7/10/2015

Traffic Alert - Road Pavement Testing to Begin on or about June 23
posted: 7/2/2015

Recreation & Parks Advisory Board Vacancies
posted: 7/1/2015

Water Valve Replacements Scheduled
posted: 6/30/2015

2015 On-Behalf-Of Local Government Housing Program
posted: 6/26/2015

Veterans Shuttle Service to be provided by Carroll Transit System (CTS) operated by Butler Mobility effective July 1, 2015
posted: 6/25/2015

Senior Day at the 4-H Fair
posted: 6/15/2015

Hoods Mill Landfill Hours of Operation
posted: 5/28/2015

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