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Bureau of Resource Management

The Bureau of Resource Management was created in the spring of 2003. The new agency brought together staffs from stormwater management, forestry/landscaping and water resource planning. In the summer of 2004 the Commissioners adopted a floodplain management program and placed the responsibilities of implementation within the Bureau. During the fall of 2004 the Environmental Inspections Services Division was transferred into the Bureau. The Division's duties include Grading/Sediment Control implementation and the enforcement of all the Bureau's Code requirements. The Bureau staff is charged with the protection and management of water and forestry resources. Staff are involved in a wide range of activities including subdivision and site plan review, water supply development and protection, watershed restoration and protection, forest protection and enhancement, landscaping development and enhancement, floodplain management, stormwater management, sediment control, sinkhole protection and mitigation, program development, enforcement, and providing technical assistance to other County agencies, the municipalities, and general public. The work of the Bureau is a combination of County regulatory and State/Federal mandated programs. These programs are not only implemented in the County but also within the incorporated municipalities via the Town/County agreement or direct delegation.

Since natural resources respect no political boundaries, coordination and cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions and the State is necessary to meet Statewide and regional goals. The overall approach to resource protection the Bureau staff provides is a valuable asset to both Carroll County and the State of Maryland. Because of staff experience in many aspects of technical, administrative, and planning issues, they are regularly requested to assist in important, trendsetting programs and studies, which have State-wide or regional impacts.

The Bureau has focused on implementation of those updated and recently created natural resource management Chapters of the Carroll County Code. Those Chapters include Stormwater Management, Forest Conservation, Landscape Enhancement to Development, Water Resource Management, Floodplain Management, and Grading/Sediment Control. These management tools provide for the protection and enhancement of natural resources, while also ensuring safety to landowners and the public, maximizing efficient use of taxpayer dollars, and strengthening the economic viability of the County.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Revised Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map New

  • Carroll County Maryland Observation Well Network New

  • Continued meetings of the Watershed Implementation Group to implement action strategies identified in the Watershed Restoration Action Strategy for a portion of the Liberty Reservoir Watershed.

  • The County Commissioners approved the creation of a Floodplain Management Program, adopted a Floodplain Management Chapter to the Carroll County Code, and approved a Floodplain Management Specialist Position. The Program is administered within the Bureau of Resource Management, and recently received approval by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).

  • The Commissioners adopted revised Forest Conservation, Stormwater Management, and Grading/Sediment Control regulations. In addition staff were directed and the Commissioners adopted new Floodplain Management, Landscaping and Water Resource Management regulations to the Carroll County Code.

  • The Bureau of Resource Management was reorganized to incorporate the Division of Environmental Inspection Services (former Division of Environmental Enforcement).

  • Began preliminary development of the Piney Run Watershed Management Plan.

  • Continued to collect stormwater monitoring, biological monitoring, and physical stream habitat samples as required by the County's NPDES permit.
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