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Civil Division

The Civil Division is overseen by Captain Vince L. Maas and consists of the:

Each of these units provides a unique service to the community and works in harmony with local law enforcement agencies throughout the county and state. For more information on each of these units, please visit their links.


Civil/Criminal Process

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office employs two civilian constables to serve the large amount of Criminal and Civil Process that are forwarded to the office from Maryland’s courts and the Clerks of the Courts office.

The constables serve papers that normally would be assigned to patrol deputies. This service by the civilian constables allows deputies to remain on patrol and readily available for calls for service.




Sergeant Fran Reda 410-386-2609

Fax Number: 410-840-9974


To schedule an eviction call between 7:30 A.M.-8:30 A.M.
or 2:30 P.M.- 3:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.


Guidelines For Scheduling The Execution Of
A Writ Of Restitution

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office receives hundreds of writs of restitution from the Carroll County District Court each year. Many of these writs are resolved by the parties prior to an eviction being carried out by the Sheriff's Office.

In order to provide you with efficient and prompt services, the Sheriff’s Office has prepared the following guidelines related to the scheduling and execution of a writ. Emergency or unusual situations may require the modification of these services or cancellation of a scheduled eviction. Please feel free to provide any suggestions that you have to improve these services. To facilitate the execution of a writ of restitution, please click above for these guidelines.


Carroll County Sheriff's Office • 100 North Court Street • Westminster, Maryland 21157
410.386.2900 or 1.888.302.8924

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is committed to recruiting initiatives that reflect a fair and impartial representation of minority groups and females among its employees and applicants in approximate proportion to the minority composition of the Carroll County community.