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Bloodhound completes training, and her name is......

Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland; June 26, 2015 -----  Sheriff Jim DeWees is pleased to announce that our newest K9 has graduated from training. The 10 week long class, which was conducted by the Maryland State Police, certified our bloodhound in tracking persons and articles, and the Sheriff’s Office is excited to have this additional resource available to our region. Bloodhounds are frequently tasked with searching for critical missing persons, criminals who have fled the police, prison escapees, and assisting investigators in developing potential leads in criminal cases. 

In other K9 news, a name has finally been selected for the bloodhound puppy. While the Sheriff’s Office had hoped to announce the name prior to training, far more suggestions were submitted than anticipated, and graduation seemed like the perfect time to make the official announcement.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound has officially been named Katie Justia Pinkerton Star. “Katie” is for Kate Warne, recognized as the first female detective in the United States. “Justia” is a reference to justice. “Pinkerton” is for Allan Pinkerton, the first Chicago Police Detective, who in 1850 formed the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, which was dedicated to assisting law enforcement with arresting criminals. The name “Pinkerton” will often be shortened to the nickname “Pinky”, which was the original name provided by the breeder. And finally, “Star”, standing for Show respect, Take pride, Act responsibly, and Ready to learn, which was suggested by Ms. Flander’s first grade class at Elmer Wolfe Elementary School. We agree that those values are extremely important for everyone to follow, and it is fitting to incorporate those values into her name.
In addition to her newly announced name, Sheriff Jim DeWees also took the opportunity to officially welcome her with a swearing in ceremony on June 25th, 2015. According to Sheriff DeWees, Katie is the first bloodhound the agency has ever had and provides a resource that will save lives, as well as track and locate suspects involved in crimes.  "Katie is cute and loves a lot of attention, but when it's time to track, her nose hits the ground with her tail in the air and she's all business" according to Sheriff DeWees.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank everyone who the time to suggest names. We appreciate the support and interest in our newest K9. 



Lieutenant  graduates from prestigious Staff & Command School

Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland, May 1, 2015 ---- Sheriff Jim DeWees is pleased to announce the graduation and return of Lieutenant Patrick Fisher from the Northwestern University’s prestigious School of Police Staff and Command for law enforcement leaders. 

The Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command (SPSC) is an upper-level education program geared towards progressive police managers and their agencies.  The curriculum consists of ten weeks of advanced investigative, management and human resource schooling for selected police supervisors and managers having proven records as professionals within their agencies.  All of the courses are accredited by Northwestern University.  Instruction is provided by university staff and other law enforcement professionals holding advanced degrees, many of whom are recognized internationally in their fields of expertise.

Lieutenant Fisher has been with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office since 1991, and is currently Patrol Commander for Squad 4.


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The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is committed to recruiting initiatives that reflect a fair and impartial representation of minority groups and females among its employees and applicants in approximate proportion to the minority composition of the Carroll County community.